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Maintaining Your Basket
The plants in your basket have been selected for superior performance over a long season.
  • "Deadheading,” or removing spent blooms, can be done at your discretion. When trimming petunias, remove the calyx (the little green cap) & the petals to prevent seed production.
  • If something grows too tall, or sticks out on one side of the basket, the plants may be trimmed to keep the basket symmetrical.
  • If a plant is not thriving, clip it out. Plenty of other plants will take its place.
  • Sometimes plants die-out early; usually because they are being buried by more vigorous neighbors. Clip the poor one out, it won't be missed.
Customer input helps us fine-tune the mix of plants we select. Photos taken through the season will help us customize the plant list for your future basket orders.
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