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About Us
Who is Country Garden Nursery?
Country Garden Nursery was started by owners Joe and Melissa McLaughlin in 1991. Initially selling retail plants and providing garden design, the focus for the past several years has been exclusively baskets.  We enjoy a very loyal customer base of homeowners, businesses, cities, shopping centers,  and Business Improvement Districts, mostly throughout the West Coast.  We enjoy developing and maintaining relationships with customers that use our baskets as a renewable part of their landscape.  Each basket is custom planted to address each client’s needs for size, sun or shade exposure, climate, color and time of delivery.  We keep planting records for each account and encourage feedback on plant performance so that we can continually tailor the basket mix for maximum display. 
Our Staff:
Melissa McLaughlin – Owner and Design Director
Joe McLaughlin - Owner in charge of infrastructure and plant health.  Also operates JM Landscape Maintenance Co.
Ruth Estrada – Production Manager and Employee Training and Development.  Ruth worked many years at Monrovia Growers and Terra Nova Nursery, and brings a wealth of industry experience.  She has been at Country Garden since 2012.
Maria Gomez – Lead Production Crew.  Consuelo has worked in production and development of our baskets since 2005. 
Marigel Briones – Lead Greenhouse Technician.  Marigel cares for our entire green inventory from ½” plugs to 100# baskets.  She has been with us since 2009.
We plant your baskets primarily with Premium Annuals.  This is a class of high-performing vegetatively propagated annuals, some of which are sold under the retail name Proven Winners.  Examples are trailing Petunias (“Supertunias”, “Wave” Petunias), Calibrachoa (“Million Bells”) Bidens, Bacopa, Verbena, Osteospermum, Swan River Daisy, Creeping Charlie and Ivy Geraniums.  These plants perform by blooming intensely over the whole season, and require less dead-heading. We plant them in the sides and rim of the basket. Seed-grown annuals; such as Marigold, Salvia and Geraniums, would be used in smaller quantities, located in the top of the basket for height and variety.  Baskets can be planted for a variety of sun exposures, climates and conditions, and in an assortment of colors at no additional cost.
We grow the baskets for 6-8 weeks before delivery time.  This insures they are well rooted, full of healthy greenery and beginning to bloom the day you get them. 
With 20 years of experience, many of our original customers are still with us.  That loyalty is our benchmark for quality, and we strive to earn our customer's repeat business every season. 



Our planting crew goes through extensive training in propagation, plant cultivation, color theory and plant ID at the beginning of every season. All departments receive training in IPM practices and TQM procedures.


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