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 Watering By Hand
A watering wand works great to deliver a large volume of water with a gentle spray. It is best to water the top of the basket with several passes, go on to water other baskets or pots, and then return to the baskets for a second watering about 5 minutes later.
Slow & Steady
The amount and frequency of water for your baskets will vary as to climate and sun exposure in your particular site. The following guide is meant to help "calibrate" your particular schedule. Keep in mind it is hard to over-water, so it’s best to err on the side of too-wet rather than too-dry. Attention to the following recommendations, at the beginning of the season, will insure a successful watering program. You can be successful with either hand watering or an automated irrigation system. The important thing to remember is the potting mix can hold a lot of water, but it cannot absorb its full capacity too rapidly. Always water slowly and thoroughly for best results.


 Automatic Watering Systems
An automated "drip" watering system on a timer is preferred by many people. It is reliable, almost foolproof, and usually cheaper in the long run. • "Drip" is a misnomer, as a spray head emitter is far superior. A dripper such as those used on shrubs or trees will not provide adequate water coverage to the entire basket. Even five drippers do not give adequate coverage. Use a 360 degree spray head or, in windy sites, a soaker ring made from 1/4" weeping tubing.


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