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 Gently remove the frame. 


End of Season  


When your season is over, and it's time to take down the baskets, it is best to not water them for about 3 days. This will make them much lighter and easier to handle. To remove the plants, liner & soil clip the plants back to the frame.
  • It is very important to take the baskets off the hook and SET them on the ground. Do not drop them from the posts or hanger. This will damage the basket hardware so that it cannot be reused. With proper handling the hardware will last many years.
  • Are there perennials in your basket? They can easily be removed and planted into your garden or another container. Many perennials have fall beauty as well, and will last many years after their season in your basket.
  • And the annuals? They can easily be composted with the basket soil.
  • Burlap or other liner material cannot be reused or composted. They should be thrown away.
  • Store the frame(s) in a safe, dry location - to avoid damage & rust. Frames returned to us in good shape can be replanted for the next season; and will receive a discount.
With 20 years of experience, many of our original customers are stilll with us. That loyalty is our benchmark for quality, and we strive to earn our customer's repeat business every season.
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